This is a video of some horses playing in the snow in the town I grew up in. New York is not just a big city, but beautiful country also!

I hope you enjoy my quotes and you can relate to my words in some way. ~Diane

Welcome to my new blog!

Trees from home....

Trees from home....

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.
Don't let someone you love slip through your may never have the chance again.

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About Me

Welcome everyone! I'd like to tell you about myself. I am a Makeup Artist and manage a flooring company. When I was younger, I was a promotional model in New York and won a few beauty pageants. I also worked behind the scenes at a New York modeling agency. I love to write and draw and love helping people.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and worked hard just like everyone else. I never actually followed my dream after my pageants because I was shy. I was supposed to be in a Miss Hemisphere pageant and never showed up! I was also offered an opportunity as a model in New York City, but was afraid to take a train. So, please follow your dream!

I lost my mother who was my best friend to breast cancer and lost another person because they chose not to live. I know that when I look at my children, I did one thing very right and my mother would be so proud.

I hope my quotes reach your hearts and help you to notice a change you may have to make in your life. I hope you like them and may relate to them. Love & Happiness to all........Diane~~