This is a video of some horses playing in the snow in the town I grew up in. New York is not just a big city, but beautiful country also!

I hope you enjoy my quotes and you can relate to my words in some way. ~Diane

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Trees from home....

Trees from home....

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.
Don't let someone you love slip through your may never have the chance again.

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Quotes I wrote today...

If I thought about things first......then being with you would be just a thought. ~~via me

I watched the moon shine down from the sky, showing me a path to love that only you could give...but when the night was over, the light came in and I could never find my way again ~~via me

You are the strength that has no boundaries, no fear and no man can stop you, but only God can save you from yourself......for you, are the last person in your own life's destiny ~~via me

The sun rises and my heart opens...the sun sets and my mind darkness arrives reality no longer exists....for there is one star for every moment of every day. ~~via me

I made this Java pic of "The Great South Bay" on Long Island, NY. Very cool!

You promised me a rainbow, I put it on my shoulder. You promised me the moon and I just got older. You promised me the sun, but it has now gone down...there are no stars left..just one... and I'm still around. ~me

Soldier's Arms....

Away in a sky of midnight blue, a soldier's arms will carry us a better place we seek awaits.....every star is a soul and proof of what war can take.~me