This is a video of some horses playing in the snow in the town I grew up in. New York is not just a big city, but beautiful country also!

I hope you enjoy my quotes and you can relate to my words in some way. ~Diane

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Trees from home....

Trees from home....

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.
Don't let someone you love slip through your may never have the chance again.

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I never asked for you to love me...I never asked for you to care..for now is really never if I can't find you there ~~me

Every gleam of light glistens of you. When the lights go dim...the thought of you fades but one gleam shines through and I'm alive again with the thought of you ~~via me

I love Christmas.....wish it was Christmas all year!

Christmas is for no sorrow and a bright is a day with presents and giving.. the star shines down on the presence of living ~via me

If I speak will you listen...if I hurt will you cry...if I can't give any more, will you still take.....or will my heart find more strength to try ~~via me


You've grown and as you leave, my heart drifts away down a never ending stream. I hope you will return as the stream comes around the bend....for as it first brought you, I hope it will bring you back again.

They shower me with gifts & love.

Is this a dream or did God give me an amazing children.

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