This is a video of some horses playing in the snow in the town I grew up in. New York is not just a big city, but beautiful country also!

I hope you enjoy my quotes and you can relate to my words in some way. ~Diane

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Trees from home....

Trees from home....

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.
Don't let someone you love slip through your may never have the chance again.

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A hug is a thousand words wrapped around your body and also your heart.~me

For my Mom..

I never had a chance to say..I love you...when you went away. And in all my wildest of dreams...I love as mere as it seems. For one day, when we meet then....I love you...I will say again.~me... for mom

As a child I knew no fear. As I grew, it became quite clear. I may someday have to take a stand, care for you and hold your hand. For God may want you more than me and force my heart to set you free.

You made our house a home, comforted me when I was one will ever take your place...for somewhere in a world above the sky..... there you are... and someday.... there will be I ~~via me

I never had a chance to say left me way too soon...and now in the night, I just ask why... a bright new star is shining at the moon ~via me

If I could take your pain, place it aside for one moment while you would wake up tomorrow and yesterday would be a dream ~via me

Children...In Memory of son's friend..A Mother's Wish...

I can point you down a road to follow and hope each day you see tomorrow. There is no way to protect you, but only pray that God will let the person I dreamt of....for your mind is stronger than my love.


If the world was made of rainbows and no yearning for the pot of gold, at the end of it I'd find you...for you are worth more than fortune to hold.

God made one tomorrow to make up for the yesterdays that you wished were
tomorrows ~me


Hold on tightly to your dream, for your dream is just a thought and like other is a dream you may soon forget. ~me

Sometimes you realize what you had after it's gone, only to see that what you had was not a dream.. but reality in the making. ~via me

You cannot go back in time and relive your dreams, but you can live your future and become what you dreamt. ~me

Sometimes promises are broken dreams that one can never mend. If the promise was true, it would be the dream and my heart would be yours till the end. ~me

I looked into the sky... and had a dream that I.... Walked upon the pond.. of white snow from long ago. As far as I could see....I was blinded by beauty. If I could just hold on to would forever be mine. ~~me

Turning your head for one moment, life flew past you like the wind. You went to reach for it, but couldn't get it back and it slipped through your fingers like fine sand.

If I knew I had to let go, I wouldn't have held on from the start. ~me

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Holding back an emotion is like fighting time with your refuses to lose, but in the end it knows it will be defeated. ~~me

When the tide rushed in, I held your hand to guide you...when the tide went out, it wiped everything away, but the thought of you remained... for the tide came in the very next day. ~me

If you were in love would protect you...if you needed to be saved...I would save you..for saving you...means saving myself. ~me

You're a ghost in my heart that only I can see...I don't know why you will never be with me...I only know that I...will love you eternally.~me

You don't have to be a rope that ties my world together, you don't have to devote yourself just have to be you and let the rope I can be me and catch the world alone.~~via me

Yesterday you loved me, today you don't and tomorrow is only a reflection of yesterday and today ~~via me

I can feel your presence beside me....your thoughts of me go through me like wind through the trees...but then the wind settles and the trees are now bare... because you are not there. ~~via me

A best friend is someone that is not only a part of your dreams, but wakes you from your nightmares ~~via me

Before today you knew them...after tomorrow you will remember them... ~~via me

A broken heart never only mends slightly... ~~via me

When they are there you feel them, in your memory you see them....when they are gone, your happy you knew them ~~via me

When you have passion there is no time for reason....~~via me

If you don't take a chance with'll never know what today was ~~via me

I thought in my heart that love wouldn't hurt, then I opened the door to my memory and you walked in ~~via me

The path we go down together is a long one....but if you stop.....the direction changes.. and there is no longer a path ahead. ~~via me

The ocean is eternal glass that reaches to the sun as our lives reflect off the sand and onto the sky........ we are one ~~via me

Snow falls like white dust from the midnight sky and I'm lost in it's essence as it touches my face..... as if touched for the first time ~~via me

God never told me when you would leave....he only told me when you came.~~via me

I wish forever could be one day after tomorrow so it would be like eternity with you.~~via me

Don't ignore me because I love you. Don't wish you had me because you don't.....don't say you want me because you wish.....just say I love you because you do ~via me

Sacrifice for family and love.... but save yourself, for you only have one life that was given so you may be able to find love. ~via me

Missing someone hurts more than losing them....when you lose them, you can get them back....for missing is the beginning of never. ~via me

Time passes by and I have deaf ears to words that pain me, a stronger heart for friends that save me, and a mind that hurts from the memory ~via me

Take my heart for what it is all that I am....all that I could give....for the sun has finally set.... and it's time for me to live ~via me

Cherish me.....cherish moments.....cherish time for time is precious and can't be wasted thinking about whether or not you should cherish at all ~~via me

A family I had was swept away and a new family started today.....they are not gone forever.....and are just in my heart.. for it was them from the start ~via me

If I speak will you listen.....if I hurt will you cry.....if I can't give any more will you take...or will my heart find more strength to try ~via me

The shadow of ones self is the reflection of what you have become in life and your shadow will be as dark as only you desire it to be ~~me

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