This is a video of some horses playing in the snow in the town I grew up in. New York is not just a big city, but beautiful country also!

I hope you enjoy my quotes and you can relate to my words in some way. ~Diane

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Trees from home....

Trees from home....

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.

You only live take every moment with someone you adore and treasure it.
Don't let someone you love slip through your may never have the chance again.

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There is one smile for every sad thought.

Quote for Today...

Holding on to the love of another will keep them as a treasure in your mind.... but unfortunately not in their heart.

Memories hold and bind us as our friendship is an extension of our past leading to our future.

As water rushes upon the sand, then washes out to sea....memories will never they are a part of me.

The end of summer, when sunlight fades and golden dust of fall is thrown upon the sky and the earth beneath it.

Morning mist glistens from the sun as it lay upon golden leaves like a million stars welcoming the dawn of a new day.

Dream when stars glisten like raindrops on glass covered panes....soon they melt and the stars become hidden amidst the if a thought is yet unspoken.

I may live one extra day of my life.... in exchange for one extra smile I make......what a lucky person I will become....because of you.

Each snow flake is one thought in my mind...reach to the touch as it vanishes in hand. Once again tomorrow it may the memory of you fades... the thought remains quite clear. ~me

Wrap your arms around the moon, then follow a shooting star....go where life takes you, but never forget where you are.~~by me

The moon reflects off fall leaves that glow... like golden dust on a midnight cool and yet misted amber sky.....thus we call autumn.~me

If the world were made of silence, my ears would be set free...
of all the pain and suffering to hard to bear for me. While in my
silent world, my heart is free to mend...until the sound
returns.... as if to never end.

In my midnight dream, I reached for if to touch a star.
It occurred to me I found you...
As reality is... but a better dream, not far.

The essence of your dreams may exist in the heart of another and it's meaning only hidden in the midst of your dreams.~me

Never forget 9/11 and those in heaven... Never forget watching towers fall and the pain losing you all. Never forget standing together.... Never forget to always remember ~by me

Hello everyone....

I have no clue what to blog about because I've never blogged before. I wrote all of these quotes. I hope you like them. Here goes nothing!


I sold almost half a million dollars in makeup in one year!

New Thoughts for Today....

Sometimes when we should stay, we leave a life that we do treasure. For some shall not believe, that this life is meant forever. The very same road you shall walk down once more...and from whence you will leave as before.~me

It's a far greater joy to experience the admiration of others, than to be the admirer who wished he possessed your dream.....~me

Those who pass judgement on others are only in fear of judgement being passed onto themselves....~me

Our Tomorrow..the oil spill..

Another day, while living in the moment, I hold time in my hand....if I could stop and release would be far gone... along with mistakes made by man...~me

Fun in the Hamptons for July 4th!!

I love Italian ices! They had blueberry, banana...yum!

My son took this pic of my favorite New York beach on vacation.

I hate cleaning up after a party!

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